This is my personal site about me as a sailor.

In this site I share my sailing adventures. You are welcome to visit my site. My sailing experience covers inland waters in The Netherlands (IJsselmeer) but also sailing to the UK, Scotland, Shetlands, Orkneys and Norway.

Much of the sailing I do is single handed but I also sail with crew, for example during the North sea Triangle, a famous Dutch sailing rally which is held every other year since more than 30 years. I also sailed the 200myls solo many times. A sailing race in The Netherlands where nowadays more than 100 boats participate.

In particular I sailed single handed to the North Cape, Norway in 2000 and to Spitsbergen in 2008. Two big adventures for which I took a sabbatical of four months. Hence the reference to high latitudes.

This summer I have sailed to Cape Verde and left my boat for the winter on the Canary Islands. Next year summer I plan to sail back to Holland via the Azores.

Nowadays I sail a Victoire 1200. A 30 year old Koopmans design sailing boat with the name Senja. This boat is completely restored and made ready for more high latitude sailing.

Naturally, you can send me an email if you like to react on the content. Just leave a reaction on my site.

Most of the site is written in English, however, some articles are written in Dutch.