High Latitude sailing

What is high latitude sailing?

High Latitude sailing is sailing above the North pole circle (Arctic) or under the South pole circle (Antarctic). Because crossing the North pole circle is easier to accomplish, I will call sailing south of 50 degrees south instead of all the way down to 66 degrees south, high latitude sailing.

Why is it easier to sail above the North pole circle? That has all to do with the warm gulf stream going from the Caribbean all the way to north of Norway, giving the north of Norway and even Spitsbergen a semi artic climate. Perhaps also one of the reasons the North pole is losing ice fast due to global warming.

The south pole cirle however, lies practically over the antarctic continent, making it impossible to cross with a simple sailing yacht. Also the climate is much more harsh to deal with. In fact, where 53 degrees north lies The Netherlands with a mild climate, 53 degrees south is subarctic! Comparable with 66 degrees north (north pole circle) or higher.

Nevertheless, why high latitude sailing? Well, the nature is mostly still unspoiled. Nothing compares with the bright blue skies and white capped mountains and numerous isles to sail around. Very little tourism makes this still an honest nature. I have enjoyed much sailing already and looking forward to do more.