Home again

After Horta, Erik and I sailed back to France. We decided to sail via Spain, La Caruna. That way we avoided a strong North Easterly wind. It took us eight relaxed days to arrive in La Caruna. For sure it was nice to have companionship again. Time flies when you have fun together.

Our passage across the Golf of Biscay was very swift with good sailing conditions. We met the Dutch Golden Globe Race contester Mark Slats, just in the begin of his race. We had contact about his position, he was not allowed modern navigation equipment. Later we crossed one of the Volvo Ocean boats.

In Brest, after Erik left, I celebrated four France events in one week. The football match with Belgium, the world final when France became world champion, the passage of the Tour de France and finally the Quatorzième juillet on Saturday. One big celebration! Not all though, my Furlex broke in pieces. If that happens with strong wind I could have lost the mast. But now, a gentle wind and two extra strong pair of hands took care of taking away the front sail.

After repairs I sailed via the south coast of the UK to the renowned sailing grounds of the Solent. Much to busy for my likes end of July. However, I did enjoy Portsmouth. Not so touristic and a size that fitted the amount of boating there. I finally hurried on to known sailing grounds of the east coast of the UK, Ramsgate, Harwich and Lowestoft, from where I sailed back to Amsterdam.

Finally after 15 months with a pause in the winter I was back from my Atlantic Islands sail. September was the month I had to start working again and I took August to adapt to normal live ashore. How did I experienced my whole sailing trip? How was it to be back again? These are the most asked questions and also I have ask myself those questions. I did really enjoyed the sailing. However, south is apparently not my direction to go. This sail has been pleasurable, but less memorable. Spitsbergen was not beaten by high temperatures and much sun in the Atlantic. Most memorable parts where sailing to El Hierro, and the Isle Desertas. The hiking on La Gomera was great. Most enjoyable moments was with my wife, sister and friends. The other awareness was that I was looking forward to start working again. Apparently, time to sail is nice if there is also time to work. Well, good for me!

Next time…I’ll go north!

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