Såo Jorge

One of the largest islands of the Azores is Såo Miguel. A long stretch island where I am moored in the small and tranquil marina of Velas. I sailed up with the Chimera2 and enjoyed good company.


Såo Jorge is a very green exotic island where we had a car ride to visit several places. Where most of its coast have cliffs, some parts on the north side have very low lying areas which some houses and little lakes. We had a nice lunch among the people who lived there.

Even though the marina is small, there are enough people for a good pontoon drink in the afternoon and meeting up with people I have met earlier during my trip, even back to last year. I even met an old racing friend from the 200 miles solo race in The Netherlands, being held each year end of September on the IJsselmeer and coast around Holland. Often with more than 80 competitors.

Right now I am wrestling with WeVideo and YouTube. Suddenly I can not upload to YouTube anymore and lost all my videos stored with WeVideo. Sometimes I wonder how ordinary people can keep track to all the digitization of our world, while me, not completely illiterate in computer science also get lost. Also my outgoing server has been hacked again, last time several times on Cape Verde, now here in the Azores. Hackers used the server for spam. Luckely my provider blocked my server until I had new passwords all over the place. Time for a password manager probably, but with what do you trust a password manager. Surely not the entrance to your bank account!

Next week Friday my friend Erik will join me for crossing the ocean to the Scillies Islands. A 1200 mile sail which can take between 8 to 10 days without extraordinary events happening. Like no wind for more time than I can store diesel. The Azores high is large and little wind can be found on the shortest track. Another challenge is Horta. You have to been there, particular when cruising in the Azores. However, the popularity is such that the marina is deflecting hopeful cruisers due to lack of space in their otherwise largest marina in the Azores. It is hopeless busy. We will see.

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