More on Madeira

So back on Madeira I first anchored in Bahia de Abra. I been there last year as well. This time the weather was very pleasurable. Little wind, nice temperatures and lots of sun.

After three days I sailed to Ilhas Desertas. See previous blog. Although more of the same weather was forecasted for the next two days, a fresh wind picked up from the south, making the anchorage untenable. So I sailed two miles west to the marina of Quinta De Lorde. I have been here too last year.

I prepared the boat for my sister Carla who visited me for the whole week. Although the weather changed into much rain, lower temperatures and lots of wind, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It is long ago since we spend one whole week together. We visited Funchal, hiked a few Lavadas and coastal walks, a had a lot of fun,

incomprehensible for others. Just siblings language.

Carla being back in cold rainy Holland, I am preparing for my sail to Porto Santo, while keeping an eye on the ocean weather for a favourable window to sail my next big leg to the Azores, 500 miles North West.

Next video gives you an impression of me visit to Madeira, partly with Carla.

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