More on Madeira

So back on Madeira I first anchored in Bahia de Abra. I been there last year as well. This time the weather was very pleasurable. Little wind, nice temperatures and lots of sun.

After three days I sailed to Ilhas Desertas. See previous blog. Although more of the same weather was forecasted for the next two days, a fresh wind picked up from the south, making the anchorage untenable. So I sailed two miles west to the marina of Quinta De Lorde. I have been here too last year.

I prepared the boat for my sister Carla who visited me for the whole week. Although the weather changed into much rain, lower temperatures and lots of wind, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It is long ago since we spend one whole week together. We visited Funchal, hiked a few Lavadas and coastal walks, a had a lot of fun,

incomprehensible for others. Just siblings language.

Carla being back in cold rainy Holland, I am preparing for my sail to Porto Santo, while keeping an eye on the ocean weather for a favourable window to sail my next big leg to the Azores, 500 miles North West.

Next video gives you an impression of me visit to Madeira, partly with Carla.

Ilhas Desertas

Last week I finally was able to sail back to Madeira. Although the wind not being optimal, it was a choice between beating against the wind for three days or wait and motor two days without wind, or wait even longer and being caught into the next depression with strong near gale winds. I left to battle for three and a half day to Madeira. Luckily the last half day the wind settled and relaxed I anchored in the bay Baia de Abra in all peace and tranquillity.

I needed the next day to recuperate from the sail to Madeira, but the day afterwards I was ready to sail back a 20 miles to the isle of Desertas. I pasted the isle on my way but was to tired to venture around. Today I went back. The video gives you a small impression.

Back at Arrecife

I did not expect to sail back to Arrecife but when I dived in the water at La Graciosa to remove the algea from the water line of the hull, I saw my new anode of my propeller was missing! Very bad thing, because the zinc anode has to prevent erosion of my bronze propeller.

Apparently I had to secure the three bolts, which I did not know. Since the anode will dissolve, the way to secure those bolts is to use some kind of glue. Very difficult to apply under water. The other thing I noticed was that my anti fouling was not working any more. The algea where growing not just on the water line but over the whole hull. Problem is not only loss of speed but also damage to the hull.

Since I had seen La Graciosa more or less and still had to wait for at least a week for better weather to leave for Madeira, I decide to use my idle time better and return to Arrecife where they have a wharf to take the boat out of the water. Talking about the weather, for two weeks we have seen high pressure systems in North Europe, pushing the low pressure systems or depressions with a lot of wind South. That is where I am. Instead of the normal North East trade wind I get North West winds, often 25 knots or more.

Anyway, good to do some repairs. But time is pressing. Before this month is past I need to be on Madeira. End this week, week three, it seems to calm down. Perhaps than, with a clean hull and shining boat, I can sail up to Madeira.