On the move

Brest! In little over one week Hans Haverkort and I made it all the way to Brest, France. Hans offered to join me for the start of my journey. Hans has been sailing with me to the North Cape in Norway and he flew over the Spitsbergen to join me for my sail there. Now we were together again but in the very beginning of my adventure.  

Sunday 18 June we departed from Zaandam where I did my last preparations and sailed to Boulogne sur Mer where we arrived early in the morning of Tuesday 20 June. The sail was a bit uneventful and diesel consuming. The approach was a bit difficult in the night because the sector lights to guide you in are difficult to see with the city lights in the background.

We only spent the night to rest and left Boulogne as it was next morning to have a more lively sail to Cherbourg.  Another overnight sail. In Cherbourg we celebrated the longest day of the year among with many others in Cherbourg.

Next day we left to have a wonderful sail to Alderney and a day later to Guernsey, where we stayed three days, enjoying company of friends from Den Oever and a good walk. The weather however changed into more overcast and occasional drizzle. Noting to get excited about.

Right now we are in Brest where Hans will return to home and I will prepare for the Gulf of Biscay, now being flogged with strong to severe gale from NW. It looks like weekend, that the weather conditions will improve where I will sail my first three days and nights single handed over the Gulf of Biscay to La Coruna, Spain. I am looking forward to it and not, of course. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. It seems I will have enough wind for a great sail.

Last day at work

Wednesday  was my last day at work, apart from some errands on Thursday  and hugs and drinks during our company Friday drinks. 15 months! As written the preparation are almost finished, as far that is possible. Most headaches are the Iridium Go, not the device, but software which is badly supported. However, sms, calls, position updates and email works. Weather forecasts barely, but improving. Luckily the SSB radio works well, thanks to a friend sailor helping me.

Other great thing is the cover in front of my doghouse promising  keeping me dry in bad weather. My spare anchor chain arrived, anyway, as you can understand, last items before departure. Date isn’t set and will not be, but third  week of  June it will possible happen based on the right weather and state of mind.