Hello world!

This site takes you with me on my sailing adventures. Right now I am enjoying a one year of sailing sabbatical. My original plan was to sail to Cape Horn, but I changed my plan to sail the Atlantic Islands and spend Christmas with my wife. Much nicer.

Information about my professional life as a IT consultant at Atos Consulting in The Netherlands you can find on LinkedIn. First of September this year I will be more that delighted to help you with organizational challenges implementing new technologies in your organization. For now, please enjoy my sailing adventures.

This site is a blog about my present journey around Atlantic Islands and also gives you via the menu information about previous sailing journeys in the Arctic seas and about my boats I own(ed).

Most of the site is written in English, however, some articles and videos are written in Dutch. As far as the art of video making I am still a novice, but I hope it brings some of my adventures to live. Please do not hesitate to comment on my stories. There is space for in this site.